Short But Sweet

The winner of the raffle is…

Alyson B.!

I am very grateful for all of you who participated and responded to my questionnaire. Knowing where you are in your life will guide me to provide conversation, resources or tips that will be most helpful to you.

If you would still like to do the questionnaire even though the raffle is over, I’ve left the questions below. I’d still love to hear from you.

Seeing you first…

You seeing you is more powerful than them seeing you.

Whatever the area of life in question, say for example creativity, you seeing you first and allowing yourself the experience of your creativity solely for your benefit is more powerful in your world than them seeing you (whomever the themare in that situation). Them is usually the people we think we need to impress or prove ourselves to in order to have what we want.

Even though the raffle is over, if you’d still like to share, I’d love to hear from you. I promise, it is brief. Just reply from what you know in this moment. As always what you send me is private and will be treated as such.

1. What are the top 3 places in your life where you feel stuck?

2. How do you normally respond when you feel stuck?

3. What tools do you draw on to get unstuck, if any?

4. What do you feel are your obstacles to getting unstuck?

5. How will you feel or what will things look like when you get unstuck?

Thank you!!

The holidays are coming!

Nope, they’re here! And with the holidays can come travel, special events and sometimes a scary schedule. I will be working my normal schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays except for November 27th, December 21st & 25th and January 1st, otherwise my schedule for appointments is the same. If you want to book a session before Thanksgiving, I have some spots available, just email me.

Happy Holiday,

Lori B.

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