Room enough for me?

A brief thought…

I’ve heard this question come up in the past few days, ‘Is there room in my life for me?”

I feel the question has to do with the ways in which we distract ourselves from doing what we want. We know there is an unbelievably endless well of ‘things that need to get done’ that can jump in front of any thing you want to give your time to. If you have something you enjoy doing but never have enough time for it…this is that thing. (Usually creative) It’s something you love to do, maybe is isn’t bringing you money right now or maybe you never expect it to, but it’s important to you. You feel good doing this thing. It brings you joy. AND, you notice that every amount of something else always finds a way of usurping that time.

So, remember, YOU are the only one who truly has the power over your own schedule whether you think so or not. You are worth the 20, 30, 90 minutes you give yourself to do it. There is room in your life for you…which is doing, even for a little bit, the thing you love to do.

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