Private sessions:
For the hour, we discuss where you feel stuck or how you want more movement forward. The guidance of my questions — and your subsequent answers – help us identify where the limiting beliefs or patterns are. In doing this, we are also identifying where fear, blocks, resistance or negative thoughts are contributing to you feeling stuck and enabling the limited belief.

Identify where you feel stuck,
What you want,
What you feel is in your way, the obstacle.
Those are the questions most of us can answer.
The challenge is in the “how”. How do I change it?
What do I do with that information?

In a private session or workshop, through conversation, writing, question and answer, we are identifying what the underlying beliefs are that are steering your ship. Is that belief helping or hindering you from having what you want? If a belief isn’t congruent with what you want, we need to create new ones that support the path you want to take. Otherwise these two will cause conflict or confusion…a feeling of stuck. Once you’ve created a new belief, and begin to practice it, you open to the opportunity to make a new choice, which leads you on a new path.

Appointments available in person, by phone or skype. For questions, please CONTACT LORI.