Obstacle or Information?

I am reminded as I move towards what I want in my life, the things that pop up and appear to look like a problem (obstacle) are actually information to help me get aligned with what I want. Not validation I can’t have it.

Be open to those experiences that seem to be a problem. Give them a chance to give you information on what you can do to support yourself.

1. Take a moment to sit quietly with pen and paper and state clearly to yourself what the problem is.

2. Ask yourself, what would I gain by experiencing this problem? If it was telling me something about myself or my life, what might that be? Write it down.

3. What is it telling you to think, say, or do to be more in alignment with what you want?

4. Think, say or do that and see what happens.

Explore and discover your life. Embrace trial and error. More will be gained than from simply speculating.

The answer is usually in the problem.



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