I’m someone who was stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts and beliefs that was, unconsciously shaping my life. I couldn’t get my life to work and felt a chronic sense of failure when it came to my goals and my ability to fix what l’d concluded was broken within me. After decades of self-study and personal growth there was a perspective shift that changed everything. The realization of another option:

  • What if I’m not broke?
  • What if nothing needs to be fixed?
  • What if I’m healed as I am in this moment?
  • What then?

I came away with the feeling of being at choice in my life.

Although my outside world didn’t reflect it in that moment, everything within me changed from this shift in belief. If nothing was wrong with me, then how was I to address the negative experiences of my life? I addressed them as ‘they were for what they were’ and I stopped personalizing each difficult life experience as validation that I was wrong, broken or bad. I stopped looking ‘out there’ for the validation that my life was working or not working (which in turn meant, I was okay or was not okay). My perspective went from, ‘I will do this action in the hopes it will fix me, save me and make me okay’, to ‘I will do this action because I choose to and I will take from it whatever I feel works for me, because I’m creating my experience. By changing my inner life, I have meaningfully shifted my outer life. As within, so without.