Knowing me, Knowing you (Why ABBA?)


Okay, why ABBA?

In truth, I’m not totally sure. But here’s how it went. I’ve had a few conversations this week about “the unknown” as well as it has been a big conversation in my own life. There is this experience for many of not knowing what’s coming next and it’s causing strong feelings, for some anxiety or fear. It seems like in the past, the path was known.

In conversation, one thing in particular I’ve noticed is the words and feelings people associate with the unknown, i.e. uncomfortable, scary, unsettling, and the like. There is also this looming feeling that something bad will happen. Not surprising for most of us because that has been what has happened…the car broke down, got a call a family member is in the hospital, lost our job and so on. Those moments were “unknown” and caused discomfort and even pain which then can cause us to fear what’s next. I’m not suggesting that it isn’t a valid reaction with what a lot of us have been through, I’d just like to point out the other side.

The unknown is also the news that you got the job, the call the relative made it through surgery, a check in the mail you didn’t know was coming, meeting someone you dig that you had no idea existed before that moment. All of those are “unknowns” too. My concern for myself was that I am walking with my unknown-is-bad-blinders on and not looking up to see what of the magical “unknowns” is waiting for me. Which unknown are you waiting for?


So, back to ABBA. Why ABBA? As I was sharing this in my head with you before I wrote it I kept hearing, “Knowing me, knowing you!” Turns out the song was ABBA and the lyrics otherwise don’t fit at all with the conversation but the song and their very dated video gave me a great big smile (and of course I sang along) and that was an unknown to me. An unknown moment that became a moment of pleasure. And here for your pleasure if you so choose, is ABBA…(okay maybe keep reading then come back and click :)

Love to hear where you’re at…

I have things I’d like to talk about but I’d prefer to provide tools, resources or share more directly to where you are so I can be more helpful. All you have to do is answer a brief questionnaire to help me better help you. I promise, it is brief.



There are only 5 questions and I encourage you to not overthink them. Spend just a few minutes with the first thoughts that come to mind. There’s no “getting it right”. Just reply from what you know in this moment.


Email your response to me at the email address below with the subject “Raffle!” and swish, you’re entered! I’ll select and announce the raffle winner (a free one-hour session via Skype) on November 28th! So don’t delay!


As always what you send me is private and will be treated as such.


Here we go:


1. What are the top 3 places in your life where you feel stuck?


2. How do you normally respond when you feel stuck?


3. What tools do you draw on to get unstuck, if any?


4. What do you feel are your obstacles to getting unstuck?


5. How will you feel or what will things look like when you get unstuck?


Thank you!!

The holidays are coming!

Nope, they’re here! And with the holidays can come travel, special events and sometimes a scary schedule. I will be working my normal schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays except for November 27th, December 21st & 25th and January 1st, otherwise my schedule for appointments is the same. If you want to book a session before Thanksgiving, I have some spots available, just email me.


Happy Holiday,

Lori B.

p.s. Feel free to forward the questionnaire to a friend.


The free session will be for one-hour and held via Skype (with or without camera). Session value is $115 and cannot be exchanged for cash. 

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