But can I have fries?

I have to laugh when I catch myself responding to something like a four year old child. For example, I feel like I am constantly asking the Universe for guidance, but even more so of late I’ve been very specific with the asking and very attentive and patience with the listening. When asked by a friend recently how I’m doing, my response was muddy. I’m feeling a little lost but at the same time not, like I’ve got stuff to work on. I keep thinking I don’t have it, that I’m not getting guidance and feeling a little lost. Yes, muddy.

Why I have to laugh is because I realized I don’t like the information I’m getting. It’s not new and shiny anymore. I’ve been given the guidance and I started working on it but then stopped. There is nothing wrong with it. It isn’t that difficult and the guidance on the actions to take are in alignment with an aspect of my life that I’ve been asking to grow. But I was killing myself laughing with a friend as I realized this…I’m acting like a four year old who asked for ice cream, just got a scoop of it and has barely take one bite before she says…”But can I have fries?”

I asked for guidance. I got it. I kinda, sorta followed through but I’m not done yet. So, my inner bored child wants something else to do. Every time I go back into meditation I now know what the Universe has been saying, “Finish what you started and then we’ll talk about the next step.”

I’ve had difficulty finishing projects in the past that I’m the only one who it affects and the only one who can really work on it. I don’t show up. I don’t finish. The Universe is saying “I’m gonna keep telling you the same thing until you do” (in a loving way) because the Universe believes in me.

I got the message and a good laugh. Stop asking for guidance and get to the guidance I’ve been given. Then, come back for the fries.

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